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Papa Donkey Himself

Of course he isn't the only resident we have here on Jollity Farm. Click on the Jollity Farn Button above to find more about all that live here.

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Check out the regular updates from the farm by logging on to our Blog. Click the link below, then bookmark it for ease of access.

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The Cyber Farm


Quite a few years ago now, I set up a website dedicated to providing information on the Knights Templar called the Cyber Farm. At the time there was not much information on the web relating to the Templars and I tried to provide information on British Templar properties as well as a brief overview of the order. Due to bad administration I lost the original site, so I have reproduced all the content here. Just click the Cyber Farm link above.

There hasn't been anything added or checked recently so please excuse dead links etc..





The Links Page

    The clue is in the title. It is a collection of links to pages that interest me. Click on the button at the top of the page.








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